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Koller ~ Michels

"bass and voice of a hundred colors

on a canvas of pure silence"



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Julie Michels and George Koller ... born in 1958, developed illustrious careers on their own… then met in 1994… the rest is history! They found a shared passion for classic jazz, instant composition, and positive vibrations performing as a bass/ voice duo.

Their debut CD Singing Naked, unveiled a warm, dynamic sound -spacious and soulful. An original approach that fused their musicality as performers/composers.

A list of their world touring credits or name-dropping in their professional associations would fill a volume. Having played many festivals and large halls, Koller/Michels also enjoy the intimacy of jazz and folk clubs, where they have a history of going out on a limb, as new and old songs are recomposed, revealed, and delivered with a true now-moment jazz passion!


16 Years after the first CD was released, the long awaited follow-up CD has finally arrived

"Bass and Voice"  ...14 selections ..pure magic


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